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“Neighbors” is a collection of digital oil paintings of people. And the paintings are about “You”. 
They’re derivative works of photographs I’ve taken around
metro Boston, MA and New England (USA). Moreover, each painting
captures a person (or persons) as they seem to be experiencing a significant moment in their life. 

One thing that intrigues us about a piece of art seems to be, in part at least, how it mirrors our own experiences. 
Experiences which are shared by all human beings at one time or another.  Whether we realize it or not, we find
certain artworks evoke - at some level - a common experience.  I’ve seen it
referred to as “the human condition”.  That’s a somewhat dark description... but ok, I get it. 

A friend of mine likes to say that “our eventual wrinkles are the result of having experienced life the right way”.
I think she’s right.  Jimmy Buffett has put it even better though… “wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.”


~ CLAUDE MONET (1840-1926) ~

This is a collection of digital oil paintings I've done that remind me of Monet's works and subject matter.
My tribute to his works. I'll add to this group occasionally when I create something I think warrants display.  I don't
mean that to imply that I'm able to replicate his painitings but I've been influenced by
what he did.  (Monet was a founder of French Impressionist painting, and probably its most prolific practitioner.) 



...peniculus is Latin for 'artist brushes'... 
This site's a display of some of my favorite photographs I've converted to (digital) oil paintings. Each take 
anywhere from 2-10 hours to complete depending on the look I want. Unfortunately you
can't just click a button and be done. Now if you're an 'art purist', then you'll probably be
irritated here because I've used, yes, a (Wacom) digital pen tablet to 'paint' !  
There's been a move to reject the notion of 'digital anything' being called 'art'. 
To those folks all I can say is that I feel your pain - but I got by it - as I suspect you will too.
Let it happen though.  It's liberating... 
Just go with it. 

Monet's Herb Garden
18x24" Digital Oil

Afterall, Monet and Renoir were marginalized prior to Impressionism coming into its own.  They
were viewed as radicals because they were breaking the rules of 'academic painting' in Western Europe. Certainly
I make no comparison of my work to theirs. However, the 'establishment' is now, as it was then,
witnessing a dramatic shift in 'technique'.

The opposition at the end of the 19th century subsided in time though.  That's the way it goes,
it happens, evolution - like an urban sprawl of the artworld. 
Just go with it.  

Digital is here for a long while.
It's a beautiful thing.

I have no resume by which to call myself an Artist so there is no Artist Bio here.  How grim ...
 I haven't a single credit from some place like "l'Ecole D'Art du Giverny".  No agency
from Los Angeles has had their people contact my people (me) for exclusive rights.  I've never
exhibited in an acceptable number of galleries in NYC, London or Paris.  For Heaven sake, 
my last art class was during the Nixon Administration, I was ten!  

That's what 'digital' allows you to do!  Take a basic understanding of color, composition, texture, shading,
contrast, etc., and skip $100,000 worth of art school !  University of me.
(Art Majors: I'm kidding here, relax, breathe...good.) 

Photography gave me a whole new perspective though in how I 'saw' things.  Another five years, 
a thousand dollars in software - and many hundreds of hours learning how to use it all -
and Ive come to some level of proficiency in 'painting' from photographs.
Enough people liked them enough to convince me to create a web site to highlight some of the "works".

One last thought.  Fortunately I live in a country that affords me the opportunity, and the freedom of 
expression to do this (for now). And one that affords you the freedom to look (for now).  
For that I am grateful.  

So, here it is, here I am, and here you are.

I hope photography, or art in any form, has a chance to create a new world for you too.
Thank you for visiting. 
God Bless.
                                                                             - Eddie
"Cum musis deditus non sim, nosco quod amo"
(I don't know much about art but I know what I like)


  You can e-mail me at:

[Thank you for your emails and comments.  From Europe to Australia, and across the USA, I appreciate you taking the time to write.]


Painted New England: Digital Brushes Exhibit at Conservation Center in Concord, NH

Eddie Durrett’s Painted New England: Digital Brushes exhibit will be on display from
Wednesday, February 17 through  Friday, April 16, 2010 at the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests’
Conservation Center in Concord, NH. Created from original photographs, these digital oil paintings capture the
essence of scenic New Hampshire and New England as if oil paintings on board and canvas.  

The exhibit is open for viewing Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm in the Conservation Center
Conference Room. As the Conference Room is used for meetings, please call (603) 224-9945 before visiting
to confirm that the room is open. Framed works are available for sale during the exhibit and a
portion of
the proceeds will go to the Society's programs.

Founded in 1901, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is the state’s oldest and largest
non-profit land conservation organization. Supported by 10,000 families and businesses, the Forest Society’s
mission is to perpetuate the state’s forests by promoting land
conservation and sustainable forestry.

~ Selected prints are for sale from two websites ~

There’s a number of ‘print-on-demand’ sites (i.e. online marketplaces for buying and
selling fine art originals and prints.) 
I narrowed it down to two that I felt offered the best value for both me
 and buyers.  They both have very good customer service and print quality ratings.

Whether you buy a single print (mailed in a protective tube) or one that is matted and framed,
they package and ship world wide and have very good return policies.
They also create greeting cards, t-shirts, and other cool stuff.  
Clicking on the logos above will bring you to my ‘storefront' on their sites. 
the thousands of other artists there to choose from.)


A portion of the proceeds realized from redbubble and fineartamerica sales of my artwork in 2008 went to two charities, 
The Boys and Girls Club of America and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
 These ended December 31st and the monies forwarded the first weekend of 2009. 

Thank You for your support in 2008!   It was a great year! 

American Red Cross Campaign for Disaster Relief 
received proceeds from sales during the
first half of 2009.

Thank you all !

On Jan. 14th, 2010, The Home For Little Wanderers
received a portion of proceeds from sales during the 
second half of 2009. Despite the poor economy you helped
contribute to a great cause.  Thank you all !

At least 70% of proceeds from 
redbubble and fineartamerica sales of my artwork
 for the
first six months of 2010 will go to Boys Town (Nebraska, USA) 

Boys Town (formerly Boys and Girls Town) began as a small home for homeless boys
in 1921 and has grown into a nationwide organization with sites in a dozen states and the District of Columbia,
providing more than 400,000 at risk boys and girls each year with a safe, caring, loving environment
where they gain confidence to get better.


<< Dateline London, Tuesday, June 24th 2008 >>
Claude Monet's painting "Le Bassin aux Nympheas"
sold for $80.5 million dollars at an auction !! 
One of mine went for a little less at a benefit auction
in 2008, but I'm closing the gap Claude!  



Thanks for visitng ! 















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